Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From Inland Fisheries Site Nov 2012 :

Whilst fishing a local shore mark for bass recently, guide Richie Ryan got talking to an angler next to him about fishing.

The local fisherman, Noel O Sullivan, expressed his total frustration at not being able to to catch his first bass. Never one to

shy from a challenge, Richie explained who he was and agreed to take him out if he had an available slot on his boat.

A few weeks later Noel was invited to join Sea Hawk with the Eire Bass guide and as the picture shows landed his first

bass with another on the next cast.The lure was the ever popular Savage Gear Sandeel.Needless to say Noel was chuffed

and spent the rest of the day smiling !

To conclude the story,last week Richie rang Noel again for another session.Though mad keen to go himself, he kindly offered

his place to his son TJ who wanted to catch his elusive first bass also. .As can be seen, this angler also had his first bass with the guide,

with three more to follow, also on the Savage Gear Sandeel. Two happy anglers......